Feb 17, 2010:

4:45 PM Ticket #6 (changing revreal to float gives bad numerical results) created by utke
after the code change done in revision 81 a test with changing the …
3:34 PM Ticket #5 (trac: define some meaningfull components) created by utke
e.g. instead of "component1", "component2" may be libadolc examples …
3:32 PM Ticket #4 (add Adol-C manual sources as top level sub dir to subversion) created by utke
... so one can fix things there too... ;-)
1:33 PM Changeset [88] by utke
compiler message: ISO C++ does not support the `%le' printf format

Feb 16, 2010:

5:09 PM Changeset [87] by utke
unused variables
5:06 PM Changeset [86] by utke
releaseTape() does not take any parameters
5:05 PM Changeset [85] by utke
gcc 4.4.3 doesn't like extraneous commas at the end of an enum list
5:03 PM Changeset [84] by utke
add columns for up and down counters in the tables to make it more …
5:01 PM Changeset [83] by utke
gcc 4.4.3 complains about possible ambiguity - add bracktes to pacify it
4:59 PM Changeset [82] by utke
added parenthesis per suggestion from gcc v 4.4.3
4:57 PM Changeset [81] by utke
fix for problem with convolutions in operations div_d_a and …
3:12 PM Changeset [80] by awalther
update of maturity level
3:12 PM Changeset [79] by awalther
write access Jean

Feb 10, 2010:

5:32 PM Ticket #3 (Configuration/Build: advertised override of compile flags using ...) created by utke
when configure e.g. with -O0 then the compile command still contains …

Feb 3, 2010:

11:53 AM Changeset [78] by awalther
new examples for the coupling of ADOL-C and Ipopt with exploitation of …

Feb 2, 2010:

11:33 AM Changeset [77] by awalther
add cygwin patch once more that was deleted by accident
9:22 AM Changeset [76] by awalther
corrected interface to ColPack?

Jan 27, 2010:

7:36 AM Changeset [75] by awalther
handling of error function corrected

Jan 25, 2010:

8:54 AM Changeset [74] by awalther
add forgotten file for test facility

Jan 22, 2010:

8:26 AM Ticket #1 (make test) closed by awalther
fixed: Hi, I just submitted a test facility into the trunk branch such that …
8:17 AM Changeset [73] by awalther
test facility integrated

Jan 21, 2010:

5:55 PM Ticket #2 (comp_win problem) created by schulz
Hy, I'm trying to compile the 2.1.2 adolc version under windows xp, …
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