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(edit) @112   10 years kulshres regenerate files for svn Signed-off-by: Kshitij Kulshreshtha …
(edit) @109   10 years kulshres Squashed merge of branch 'master' of 'gitclone' into svn * 'master' …
(edit) @106   10 years kulshres Squashed merge of branch 'master' of 'gitclone' into svn and …
(edit) @104   10 years awalther fix memory leak in ho_rev
(edit) @103   10 years awalther correction in taylor.c, 1 -> tag
(edit) @101   10 years awalther fix definition of condassign in double version
(edit) @95   10 years awalther fix bug in fo_rev.c revreal handling
(edit) @89   10 years awalther fix variables and interfaces such that revreal can be set to float
(edit) @88   10 years utke compiler message: ISO C++ does not support the `%le' printf format
(edit) @87   10 years utke unused variables
(edit) @86   10 years utke releaseTape() does not take any parameters
(edit) @85   10 years utke gcc 4.4.3 doesn't like extraneous commas at the end of an enum list
(edit) @84   10 years utke add columns for up and down counters in the tables to make it more …
(edit) @83   10 years utke gcc 4.4.3 complains about possible ambiguity - add bracktes to pacify it
(edit) @82   10 years utke added parenthesis per suggestion from gcc v 4.4.3
(edit) @81   10 years utke fix for problem with convolutions in operations div_d_a and …
(edit) @76   10 years awalther corrected interface to ColPack?
(edit) @75   10 years awalther handling of error function corrected
(edit) @72   10 years awalther required modification for coupling with Ipopt
(edit) @65   11 years awalther adaption to new ColPack? version
(edit) @61   11 years awalther inclusion of error function for gcc compiler
(edit) @60   11 years awalther fix memory deallocation in uni5_for.c
(edit) @59   11 years awalther modified sparsity detection for jacobians
(edit) @58   11 years awalther fix some memroy leaks and introduce new interfaces
(edit) @56   11 years awalther const declaration for preparation of ipopt interface
(edit) @54   11 years stefan use unistd.h only if available
(edit) @51   11 years stefan fix compiler errors about wrong order of variable declarations and …
(edit) @50   11 years awalther in fo_rev.c: changed HOV to FOV for memory deallocation
(edit) @49   11 years awalther bug fixed for repeated call of inverse_taylor
(edit) @48   11 years awalther bug in taylor.c for computation of derivatives of inverse functions fixed
(edit) @42   11 years awalther set svn keywords property
(add) @40   11 years awalther adapted directoy structure
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