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Aug 10, 2015 4:06:55 PM (4 years ago)

merge branch 'master' of 'gitclone' into 'svn'

The following commits have been merged:

commit 48aee4916d2ed907b772dbd1c1d6ce46cb273651
Author: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>
Date: Mon Aug 10 21:28:49 2015 +0200


disable static library building. this causes more
problems than it solves.

commit 47332811a4c5c27cb884f75792c910c813378ef4
Merge: 0ee77fd 0d4eeec
Author: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>
Date: Thu Aug 6 22:33:46 2015 +0200

Merge branch 'edf-memory'

This is to reduce memory allocation and copying in ext_diff_fct

commit 0ee77fd33a1d6d55fcc67ad419937b2cb777ed4e
Author: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>
Date: Wed Aug 5 15:49:33 2015 +0200

Remove empty file from dist

this can be created during compilation

Signed-off-by: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>

commit 51505c34571aa61b4b21ebce6cdf1728ff56ddaa
Author: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>
Date: Tue Aug 4 17:36:26 2015 +0200

adouble(const adub&) should match operator=(const adub&)

Signed-off-by: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>

commit 03e49097aa0455337647d280cda530064987e6b9
Author: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>
Date: Fri Jul 3 11:17:53 2015 +0200

make a define for default contiguous locations

this is not needed during compilation of the library
only during compilation of user-code, if the user
wants to have all adouble* allocations to have
contiguous locations.

Signed-off-by: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>

commit f00cfb5d0dc8a8993581fd8c08dd8c6c5cd23248
Author: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>
Date: Wed Jul 1 11:56:39 2015 +0200

rename adolc_lie.h to drivers.h

the old name led to an include <adolc/lie/adolc_lie.h>
which looks highly redundant.
new name makes for include <adolc/lie/drivers.h>

Signed-off-by: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>

commit fcf78bf8426a227750a0bcaa32ff65e57ef329b8
Author: franke <mirko.franke@…>
Date: Wed May 20 16:39:16 2015 +0200

added Lie drivers

commit 0d4eeec7b6212aa64c8997db8a511f81b604b3e1
Author: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>
Date: Fri Jun 26 14:19:41 2015 +0200

minimise extra memory requirement and copies in ext_diff

This should in theory reduce the amount of memory required
to run an external function with the old interface. It also
reduced some copying operations.

Fingers crossed that we've not broken checkpointing and/or
fixpoint iterations.

Signed-off-by: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>

commit 8811f02a4d4a15946a18f7513ab17dada66509c3
Author: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>
Date: Fri May 22 12:41:45 2015 +0200

try to streamline data copies in ext_diff_v2

Signed-off-by: Kshitij Kulshreshtha <kshitij@…>

4 edited


  • trunk/ADOL-C/include/adolc/

    r600 r608  
    1919                       adtl.h adoublecuda.h param.h externfcts2.h
    21 SUBDIRS = internal drivers tapedoc
     21SUBDIRS = internal drivers tapedoc lie
    2323if SPARSE
  • trunk/ADOL-C/include/adolc/adalloc.h

    r537 r608  
    2525/*                                              MEMORY MANAGEMENT UTILITIES */
     26ADOLC_DLL_EXPORT char* populate_dpp(double ***const pointer, char *const memory,
     27                                    int n, int m);
     28ADOLC_DLL_EXPORT char* populate_dppp(double ****const pointer, char *const memory,
     29                                     int n, int m, int p);
     30ADOLC_DLL_EXPORT char* populate_dppp_nodata(double ****const pointer, char *const memory,
     31                                            int n, int m);
    2632ADOLC_DLL_EXPORT double    *myalloc1(size_t);
    2733ADOLC_DLL_EXPORT double   **myalloc2(size_t, size_t);
  • trunk/ADOL-C/include/adolc/adouble.h

    r605 r608  
    301301    inline locint loc(void) const;
    303 #if defined(ADIC_ADOLC_TYPE)
     303#if defined(ADOLC_DEFAULT_CONTIG_LOC)
    304304    void *operator new[](size_t sz) {
    305305        void *p = ::new char[sz];
  • trunk/ADOL-C/include/adolc/taping.h

    r603 r608  
    107107ADOLC_DLL_EXPORT void skip_tracefile_cleanup(short tnum);
     109ADOLC_DLL_EXPORT void set_nested_ctx(short tag, char nested);
    109111#include <vector>
    110112ADOLC_DLL_EXPORT void cachedTraceTags(std::vector<short>& result);
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