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1The solution and project files were generated on Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.
2Compatibility with older versions is not guarenteed.
4Before adolc may be built using Visual studio the following step must
5be taken:
6- Create a symbolic link ADOL-C\adolc pointing to ADOL-C\src
7   Under Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 2008 Server
8   use the mklink command
9     cd ADOL-C
10     mklink /j src adolc
11   Under Windows XP/Windows 2003 Server
12   use the junction command from Windows sysinternals suite:
14     cd ADOL-C
15     junction src adolc
17The solution file adolc.sln can build both the sparse as well as
18the nosparse versions of adolc.dll. In visual studio open this solution file
19and select the solution 'adolc' in the Solution Explorer, from the toolbar
20select the build configuration sparse or nosparse, then from the Build
21menu select Build Solution (shortcut key F7).
23In order to build the nosparse version nothing further is needed. For the
24sparse version the source code of ColPack must be extracted into
25this directory. Read the ColPack Readme_VC++.txt file for further
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