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1authors currently working on ADOL-C:
4Andrea Walther
5Kshitij Kulshreshtha
6   Institute of Mathematics
7   University of Paderborn
8   33098 Paderborn, Germany
10Andreas Griewank
11   Department of Mathematics
12   Humboldt University Berlin
13   D-10099, Germany
16Parts of the ADOL-C source were developed by
18Andreas Kowarz, now Baumer Optronic GmbH, Germany
19Hristo Mitev, now Treppenmeister GmbH, Germany
20Sebastian Schlenkrich, now d-fine GmbH, Germany,
21Jean Utke, now Argonne National Laboratory, USA, and
22Olaf Vogel, now Kingelnberg GmbH, Germany
24We are also indebted to George Corliss, Tom Epperly, Bruce Christianson,
25David Gay,  David Juedes, Brad Karp, Koichi Kubota, Bob Olson, 
26Marcela Rosemblun, Dima Shiriaev, Jay Srinivasan, Chuck Tyner, Jean Utke,
27and Duane Yoder for helping in various ways with the development and
28documentation of ADOL-C.
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