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2 ADOL-C -- Automatic Differentiation by Overloading in C++
3 File:     hov_wk_forward.c
4 Revision: $Id: hov_wk_forward.c 42 2009-07-15 18:37:17Z kulshres $
5 Contents: hov_wk_forward (higher-order-vector forward mode with keep)
7 Copyright (c) Andrea Walther
9 This file is part of ADOL-C. This software is provided as open source.
10 Any use, reproduction, or distribution of the software constitutes
11 recipient's acceptance of the terms of the accompanying license file.
13 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
14#define _HOV_WK_ 1
15#define _KEEP_   1
16#include <uni5_for.c>
17#undef _KEEP_
18#undef _HOV_WK_
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